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We would like to offer our sincere thanks to our loyal customers.

"I've been using your Olivo Green Corpor for at least 10 years now- it's all I use! Thank you for continuing to make such an excellent and effective lotion."
~ Shannon from San Mateo, CA

"Everyone to whom I give this moisturizer loves the fragrance. It is my very favorite as it reminds me of my winters as a little girl in Florida near the orange groves. Glad to know the owner himself - you have an excellent company with a great website, very enticing!"
~ Jane from Savannah, GA

"A friend brought me a sample of your shampoo and conditioner, the Tarocco collection, and it was wonderful. It made an immediate difference in the feel and appearance of my hair. I was thrilled, but thought it would only be available compliments of the Hotel she visited. Then I discovered your wonderful. I also located a bath shop in Cape May NJ where it is sold so that I can get it and your other products locally. I am done searching for hair care Tarocco line fills all my needs. Thanks!" ~ Beverly from online 

"I just wanted to say that your New Tarocco Skin Care range is superb! I sincerely hope that it is NEVER discontinued! My face, body and hair would simply die. Thank you Cali."
~ Trenton from Azusa, CA

"I was on vacation and the hotel supplied me with your product. Having sensitive skin I was hesitant. But once I tried your soap my skin came alive and I will not use anything else. Thank you for making my skin come alive again. " ~ Joann from East Haven, CT

"I tried this shampoo and conditioner in small sample sizes that were provided for our convenience at the hotel we stayed at. I absolutely love it! I am so happy I was able to find you online. Great product!" ~ Sharon from Caledonia, MI 

"My husband and I were introduced to Tarocco at Barnsley Gardens Resort in Adairsville, GA. I was amazed with the quality of the products. I have very fine hair and it is very difficult to find a product that isn\'t too drying or too heavy. Tarocco is very impressive!" ~ Susan from Acworth, GA 

"I have to say, I LOVE the Tarocco brand of everything you have. The shampoo, conditioner and hand creme have done some amazing things for me! Keep up the fabulous work. When I get a real job again, I may be able to afford some of it! Until then, the memory will be very sweet! Particularly love the smell, and the way it helped my thin, fine hair gleam and keep a style! Be happy to be an advocate if you want to send me some samples, t-shirt, whatever, I enjoy being a walking billboard for a good product!!!" ~ Cathy from Shrewsbury, MA 

"This is just a compliment. I work in a hospital that gives a basket with your product in it and I opened it to smell it and was so happy! For years I have been looking for a product I used as a teen and it was off the market until I smelled your Tarocco body wash. Thank you so much and I am eagerly waiting for my order to come so I can bring back my 'teen' skin!" ~ Sharon from Evergreen park, IL 

"For 2 years I have had scalp problems,with no relief from doctors,and several prescriptions,and every over the counter product I could find. After staying at the pepermill reno hotel and trying your products my scalp is healed!!!" ~ Alan from Online 

"I just wanted to tell you I love your products. I received the shampoo, conditioner, hand cream and soap at the hotel. I love the citrus scent."
~ Mona from Cleveland, OH 

Tarocco Products
"Loved the products, came home and ordered." ~ Cindy from Dearborn, MI

"Reorder of this product love it love it love it, telling everyone i know about it, and that i did not have work done on my face."  ~ David from Windsor, CT 

"I can't wait my recent order of these WONDERFUL products." ~ Mary from Upland, CA

"Just to let you know, I discovered your product at the Hotel Zoso in Palm Springs. I think it is a wonderful product, leaves my skin feeling very clean and most." ~ Bill from Denver, CO

~ Gail from North Hollywood CA

"I love your nourishing moisturizer." ~ Gladys from Pasadena,CA

"I tried the Tarocco moisturizing shampoo and I love it! It really cleans my hair, doesn't leave any oily residue and it is so manageable."  ~ Debbie from Fayetteville NC

"I love your lotion and it is the ONLY lotion that works for my son's skin." ~ Melissa from Livonia, NY

"Loved the smell and feel of the Tarocco shampoo, soap, and especially the skin conditioner!" ~ Paul from Chapel Hill NC

"Loving your products as a 67 year young lady, my skin appreciates the blessings it receives from your line." ~ Kay from Tulsa OK

"My family really enjoyed your Tarocco products that was provided for us while staying at the Tachi Palace Hotel. Thank you - we absolutely love the fragrance!!!" ~ Jacque from Salinas, CA

"Hello!  I just wanted to take a moment to compliment you on your Tarocco products.  I just returned from a trip to Charleston where our hotel, the Vendue Inn, provided your products as amenities.  My Mom, my sister and I just couldn't get enough of those products, they were so wonderful and smelled absolutely heavenly.  Thank goodness that you put the web address on the bottles so I can now go to the website and order my own larger sizes!  We just love this product!  Thanks for making it available via the Internet!" ~ Jennifer from North Beach, MD

"I just love your products!  I'm allergic to most flowery and perfume smells so I'm not able to use most of the products I see in stores and in resorts. That is not the case with your products.  I love the blood orange smell and it doesn't bother my allergies.  I was recently re-introduced to you products at a resort I was at. I just put in an order so I can be enjoying them at home.  Can't wait for them to arrive." ~ Lynn from Grand Haven, MI

" A favorite exfoliating bar soap! My boyfriend and I love this soap. I think he prefers it over everything else. It has really rough, scratchy exfoliating bits in it. It's a little too rough and painful for me to use directly on my skin, but my boyfriend loves it for his. It has a wonderful, vibrant orange scent. It's hard to find soaps that smell so divine plus have exfoliating properties. We first discovered this line in a hotel... Harrah's perhaps. We really enjoyed the full line. So I purchased the shampoo, conditioner & body wash for use at home, as well. If you're a fan of strong sweet orange fragrance, I'd recommend this product line. " ~ ambrosia

"Perfect balance between gentleness and exfoliation. Smells crisp, fresh, and delicate, nothing cloying or saccharine. Encountered it first at a 4-star hotel. Loved it. Ordered a case for use at home. " ~ DDA

" Best Soap Ever! I've been buying this soap since I was hooked by a sample bar at a hotel. Best soap I've ever tried ever! " ~ Goodneighbor

" Smells great, and is extremely exfoliating. We used it at a hotel, and liked it so much we had to buy it! " ~ Lindsay S

" Smells sooooo good! Second time I ordered this soap. My husband and I absolutely love it! Great smell, and I love the scrubbiness. " ~ shannon a

" Just feels good and my hands are far better than with common soaps or specialty brands. " ~ Amazon customer

"Really enjoyed the shampoo and conditioner and even a change of water(London) left great results"
~ Maria from online contact form

"I had never used this wonderful moisturizing cream before I found it in a hotel room. I love it!"
~ Carolyn from McAllen, TX

"I loved the hotel sample my son brought home. It made my hair feel thick and full. I loved it."
~ Valeri from Novi, Michigan

"My parents, brother and I were at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, New Jersey. In the bathroom, they had your Tarocco shampoo, Tarocco conditioner and Tarocco soap. I absolutely love your products! I brought some of the shampoo's, conditioners and soap home with me. The soap leaves my skin so smooth as if I put lotions on - no other soap makes my skin this smooth. The shampoo and conditioner makes my hair so soft and easy to style - no other products make my hair this easy to deal with (I have thick hair. Other products makes my hair feel greasy and tangled)...Thank you so much for making great products!."
~ Jackie from Online

"My husband and I got the opportunity to try Tarocco at a Hotel we stayed at in WV this past weekend. My husband was amazed. He has such dry skin but when I told him to give this lotion a try it started healing his skin. Thanks. now we want to buy. I love the shampoo. Fabulous, smells great."
~ Catherine from Ohio

"I found your olive soap at a stay at the Honor Mansion in Healdsburg, CA and LOVE it. They did not know a local retailer to direct me to, so I thought I might ask for some guidance from you. They had the white olive soap with the massage bumps - it was THE BEST mosturizing soap I've ever used. Can you help me? Thank you for making such amazing products!"
~ Allison from online

"A few months ago we spent 3 nights at the Dover Downs Hotel and your soap, body lotion and shampoo & conditioner were supplied for us in our bathroom...just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that I've been ordering ever since through Bathecary...I love your products...all make you feel so clean and my hair has been so it...Thanks for offering such great products.
~ Jane online

I wish to convey my appreciation for the Tarrocco Mosturiser. My husband brought home a small sample from a hotel after a short stay in the States, and I can honestly say it it is the best mosturising lotion I have ever used. And it smells gorgeous, the orange fragrance being so unusual in a mosturiser! ~ Jennifer online

"Absolutely love the Tarocco smell!! It is soft an beautiful!!! Would reccommend this to everyone!"
~ Jessica from Sanford, ME

"WOW, we stayed in Las Vegas and I have never in my life fell in love with a product the way that I fell in love with yours." ~ Lynlee from Washington DC

"My spouse and I used at a hotel we stayed at in palm springs ca. it was great!" ~ Anthony from Alta Loma, CA 

"Hello, On a recent business trip to New York (from Melbourne, Australia) I was fortunate enough to stay at the Fitzpatrick Grand on 44th and Lexington. I discovered your wonderful Tarocco range of products for the first time and became totally addicted!" ~ Brad from Clifton, Australia

"My husband was in Las Vegas and brought home the shampoo and skin conditioner from his room, and I love it!" ~ Cathie from Montreal Canada

"Hi, i just wanted to say how fab your Tarocco skin cleanser with exfoliant is. I tried it in L.A in a hotel and was fortunate to bring a travel size bar home with me. (thanks to the hotel) This bar works miracles, it smells amazing, makes skin feel great and makes you feel like you have been to the spa!!!!!!!!"
~ Laura from London England

Oliva Products
"Love, the products at the resort, tried them all and found them to be very successful and rejuvenating."
~ Judy from La Crescenta, CA

"My boyfriend and I recently went to a wedding at a resort in Ohio. Your products were given to us complimentary. We loved the products. The scents reminded me of my trips to Italy."
~ Amanda from Newton Falls, OH

"This is the best soap that i have ever gottan and i will be a repeat customer for life. I haven't found anything as good of quality like this. Thank you for showing me the best !!!" ~ Leila from Austin, TX

"What lovely products; my 65 year old skin never felt so soft.  I love it!"   ~ Jane from Van Nuys, CA

"My Mother and I love your products especially the Cali Olivia moisturizer." ~ Marilyn from Village of Pametto Bay, FL

"I have one main comment...Your product is absolutely the best I have ever tried."  ~ Donna from Springville, CA

"Just wanted to drop you a note regarding how wonderful your products are. We stayed at the Fajardo Inn in Puerto Rico for our winter vacation - and so were introduced to your delicious Tarocco amenities."  ~ Halyna from Boston, MA

"I love the Oliva Corpo. This hand cream is amazing!"  ~ Lynn from Needham, MA

"This Tarocco soap is the BEST soap I've ever used and will never use anything else". ~ Donna from Alameda, CA

"My husband and I spent our honeymoon at Cannon Beach where we were able to sample your Sicilian red orange extract line it was absolutely wonderful. We enjoyed the line immensely and were both impressed with it. My husband who is normally not much into which product we use absolutely loved the smell and couldn't stop talking about it and even gave a sample to my dad and step-mom who love it as well. Thanx for making our honeymoon smell a little bit nicer." ~ Laura from Portland, OR

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